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June 11th 2005

Welcome to everyone from www.exercisefriends.com who came out for the first hike to Solstice Canyon Park Saturday. I'm sure over the next several months we will be having lots of fun while exercising too so be sure to plan on coming out each Saturday you can and join us hiking. For all of you how have dial-up or limited online email accounts that won't allow you to download and view all the pictures and newsletters I will be posting them here each week for you to read and look at.

June 11th 2005 Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu, Ca.

June 18th 2005 Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu, Ca.

June 25th 2005 Escondido Canyon Natural Area, Malibu, Ca.

July 2nd 2005 Sandstone Peak/Mt. Allen

July 9th 2005 Lower Zuma Trails, Malibu, Ca.

July 16th 2005 Escondido Canyon Natural Area, Malibu, Ca.

July 23rd 2005 Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu, Ca.

July 30th 2005 Solstice Canyon Park, Malibu, Ca.

July 6th 2005 Mt. Baden-Powell Angeles National Forest, Ca.

Recent Media Coverage of Pacific Coast Hikers LLC

  • Hiking Adventures in the urban jungle - Outdoor World April 2004

    Visitors to the Los Angeles area now have a new way to see the city. High above the noise, traffic and congestion of the city below I found myself in the company of birds, flowers, and a view of the Pacific Ocean and downtown Los Angeles that was spectacular.

    My adventure started that morning at 7:00am when I was met at my hotel by the owner of Pacific Coast Hikers, Daniel. Our destination that day was the former Nike Missile Site located in the San Vicente Mountain Park. This park along with several other located in the Santa Monica Mountains offer visitors views of not only the Pacific Ocean, but Downtown L.A. and the San Fernando Valley.

    After a drive of only 20 minutes we arrived at the park. We drove a short distance on a dirt road to the parking area which not only allows you access to San Vicente Mountain Park, but Marvin Braude Mulholland Gateway Park too. From here it was a short hike to the Nike Missile Site ( However for those of you handicapped or not inclined to walking parking is available at the missile site. The gate does close at sunset so insure your back at your car by then ).

    The Nike Missile Site was active from 1956 to the 1970's and was manned by armed soldiers 24 hours a day. The site was the control facility for the Nike Missiles located below in the Sepulveda Basin Below. Along with a Radar Building, Radar Tower, Helicopter Pad, Water Tower, the visitor can get a real sense of how it was to be a soldier stationed here in the 1950's.

    The park is very clean and has restrooms, telephone, and picnic tables. There are several trails that allows visitors hours of beautiful scenery, filled with birds, wild flowers, and views that will leave you wanting more. All within minutes from downtown Los Angeles, truly a natural wonder in this urban jungle we call home. 





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